AdriAdapt – an information platform for strengthening climate change resilience for the Adriatic coastal local communities

The Adriadapt project aimed at supporting the building of local and regional resilience by developing the knowledge base required to identify and plan appropriate climate change adaptation options. In order to achieve this goal, from the beginning of 2019 to June 2021, a set of activities was carried out. High-resolution climate projections with detailed information on climate parameters for the Adriatic regions have been produced, and this information is available on the platform.

The contents of this platform have been prepared by PAP/RAC and CMCC, with the assistance of IUAV. ARPAE, DHMZ i CMCC have produced high-resolution climate projections with detailed information on climate parameters for the Adriatic regions. DOOR takes credentials for the structure of the platform.

This knowledge platform for the Adriatic region contains an overview of different adaptation options, case studies, guidance documents, legal frameworks and other useful material on climate change adaptation. The knowledge platform was tested during the implementation of Adriadapt pilot projects (Cesena, Cervia, Udine, Šibensko-kninska županija and Vodice).

Given that coastal areas are particularly exposed to the effects of climate change, and urban areas are vulnerable to changes in forces that occur with rising sea levels, it is necessary to strengthen the resilience of the coastal area to be planned and managed, with constant monitoring and cooperation of all stakeholders. Due to the enormous uncertainty that accompanies climate change, the management system needs to be adaptable and fast, able to cope with new circumstances. Solutions should be phased and adaptable in the future, and collaboration with scientists ensured on a daily basis. Because of the magnitude of the risks that climate change poses to coastal areas, coastal residents should be the main ambassadors for combating climate change.

Knowledge about climate change is undeniable. The strength of political will, however, is less certain. The terrible burden of responsibility now lies on this generation of political leaders. The experience of the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us that leaders can face the most demanding challenges when they realize that exceptional times require exceptional measures. Science is unequivocal. The verdict is clear. There is no more room for manoeuvre, delay or procrastination in resolving the climate crisis, and the responsibility is on all of us. You can find ideas and solutions for strengthening the resilience of the Adriatic coastal areas on the Adriadapt knowledge platform, which is just waiting for your discovery.

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