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Societal options

Coastal setback zones

Description A coastal setback zone is a buffer area where certain or all types of development are prohibited or significantly restricted. A setback zone is usually defined by a specific distance from the shoreline,

Grey options

Raising and extending coastal land

Description For centuries, coastal communities have used rocks and soil to extend and raise coastal land to gain additional space for living, but also as defence against sea storms and flooding. In more recent

Grey options

Beach nourishment

Description Beach nourishment (also known as “replenishment”) is the artificial placement of sand/gravel on an eroded shore in order to maintain the amount of deposit on the coast, and thus compensate for erosion and

Grey options

Seawalls and quays

Description Seawalls are structures made of hard material (e.g. stones, concrete, masonry or sheet piles), built to protect the inland area against wave action and to prevent coastal erosion. Seawalls also serve to stabilize

Societal options

Managed retreat

Description The rising seas are nowadays our reality. As sea levels rise, lower coasts are at risk of inundation, coastal storms occur more often, and coastal erosion and seawater intrusion are on the rise.

Grey options

Groynes, breakwaters, artificial reefs and jetties

Description A groyne is a shore protection structure built perpendicular to the shoreline to reduce the longshore drift and to trap sediments (I, Γ, Y, ৲ configurations are frequently used). Since groynes induce an

Societal options

Strengthening governance for climate action

Description Governance is made of relations among institutions, processes and customs which define how the power is implemented, ways of taking decisions on subjects of public as well as private interest, and the ways

Societal options

Climate literacy for all

Description Climate change is approaching the point of no return and is thus the greatest challenge currently facing humanity. This is the message sent by institutions such as the UN and the World Meteorological